Green Infrastructure

Worcester 6 has been identified as an exemplar for outstanding performance, not just economically but also environmentally.

The site has excellent environmental credentials, with a central ‘green spine’ of ancient woodland and traditional floodplain meadows, and successful engagement with local experts throughout the masterplanning process has led to a cohesive and long-term Green Infrastructure Concept Plan. This includes:

40% Green Infrastructure apportionment (16.57 hectares).

527m species of poor hedgerow removed, replaced with new, species-rich hedgerow.

3 hectares of new woodland and shrub planting.

1.4 hectare marshy grassland to be created alongside the stream and flood alleviation pond.

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Wet Grassland / Wildflower Meadows

With wet grassland and wildflower meadows in rapid decline, Worcester 6 is committed to tackling this issue.

A central ‘green spine’, including 5000m² of wildflower seeding and native bulb planting.

Full protection and ongoing long-term management of 0.8 hectares of wet grassland meadows.

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There are two parcels of ancient woodland within the Worcester 6 site, which form a key part of the site’s ‘green spine’.

100% retention of two ancient woodland and species rich hedgerows.

Planting of more than 250 new standard trees and 3000m of new hedgerow to help re-link these two ancient woodland sites.

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Veteran Trees

Veteran trees are a rare and highly valuable biodiversity resource and an important part of our Green Infrastructure.

Important nesting and roosting sites for bats and birds, as well as up to 280 different species of insects.

Any veteran trees that couldn’t remain in situ have been moved elsewhere within the site’s ‘green spine’.

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The swift is a summer visitor, arriving back in the UK to the same nest every year.

Two wildlife structures on site, including one designed specifically for swifts.

Commitment to establishing a swift population for future generations to enjoy their iconic summer calls.

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