Green Infrastructure

Worcestershire is widely recognised as an outstandingly green and pleasant place to visit, work and live. The W6 development site was identified early in its gestation as a county ‘Game Changer’ site which meant that it should be an exemplar for outstanding performance not just economically but also environmentally.

Green Infrastructure (GI) is the network of multi-functional green space and green features, both urban and rural, which deliver quality of life and environmental benefits for all. Worcestershire’s GI Partnership worked with developers to deliver a clear vision for the protection and promotion of the site’s natural and historic environmental assets including its archaeology, biodiversity, rights-of-way, recreational assets, quality landscapes and flood resilience. GI includes rivers, streams, street trees, green roofs and sustainable drainage systems which provide multi-functional benefits for visitors, occupiers, customers and communities.

Good quality Green Infrastructure can:

  • support people’s mental and physical health
  • encourage active travel
  • cool urban areas during heat waves
  • attract investment
  • reduce water run-off during flash flooding
  • provide carbon storage services
  • provide sustainable drainage
  • benefit biodiversity

This site has ancient woodland and traditional floodplain meadows literally at its heart, within a central ‘green spine’ which formed part of the site’s environmental credentials throughout its masterplanning process.

It was through pro-active engagement with Worcestershire’s Green Infrastructure Partnership that a cohesive and long-term GI Concept Plan was drafted and led the site masterplanning work to secure:

40% Green Infrastructure apportionment (16.57 hectares)
500m new watercourse
100% retention: woodland, wet grassland, rough grassland and species rich hedgerows
527m species poor hedgerow needed to be removed, to be replaced with + 3000m of new (species rich) hedgerow planting
+ 250 new standard trees
+ 3 hectares of new woodland and shrub planting
+ 1.4 hectare marshy grassland created alongside stream and flood alleviation pond
5000m² of wildflower seeding and native bulb planting

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